About IQ tests

What is intelligence and how is it tested?

Intelligence is understood as the ability to solve new and difficult situations using experience, the correct identification of connections and adaptation. The value used is IQ or Intelligence Quotient, which gives the relative intelligence level of a person compared to others. Children are assessed using the ratio of an estimate of mental age over chronological age on the basis of what tasks the child is capable of solving at a given age. For adults, the IQ of an individual is a comparison with the average for the population.

What does your IQ say about you?

  • over 140 - You are a genius! Head straight to Mensa: you have all the prerequisites for creative activity.
  • 120-140 - You are highly intelligent! You will be a success.
  • 110-120 - You have slightly above-average intelligence. If you work hard you can be successful.
  • 90-100 - You are one of the great majority. You should find your place in intermediate roles.
  • 80-90 - You have slightly below-average intelligence. You are best suited for manual professions.
  • under 80 - Not so good; probably best not to try again. Be happy you graduated from primary education.

So what is your score?

Test your intelligence and you will see.