Dealer system


How can I earn money?

It is very easy to earn money in this system. Just place the dealer’s URL in a visible place and take advantage of the experience described under the link Maximize your profit.


I placed banner on my web site but I still have not received any commission. Does it work?

You do not need to worry that your commission has not been transferred to your account by any reason on our part. There might be a few problems that explain why you have not received it. Your web site might have a very low visit rate (fewer than 100 people per day) or you placed the banner on your site a short time ago (it takes some time until people finish their tests) or, which happens in most cases, your advertising is placed badly (the link is in a poorly visible place or your web site is clogged with adverts or the link has a bad form – in case you made it yourself). Anyway, I would recommend that you read all information under the link Maximize your profit to solve your problem.


How much will I earn per click?

It mainly depends on you how much you earn per click. We did our best so that you could earn as much as possible and I know that, once you are engaged in advertising for a while, you will see it with respect to your earnings. We have drawn up all the advice and experience for you and placed it under the link Maximize your profit.


How will I find out how successful my advertising is?

The success of your advertising is shown mainly by the level of the conversion ratio which is under the link Overall survey. The conversion ratio shows what percentage of the people that clicked on your advertising link have really paid. The conversion ratio and, therefore, your profit, can be influenced directly by you by the particular form of you dealer’s URL link. Regarding improvement of your successful advertising, you should read all the information under the link Maximize your profit. You will find changes in your advertising success by comparing today’s and the total conversion ratio (small deviations can be caused by the day of week, weather, public holiday in the country where you advertise, etc.)


I have already got ten dealers but no money. What is wrong?

This is nothing special. When somebody registers in your dealer team, it does not mean that he / she is becoming a dealer. You can affect this by information connected to the link via which you try to get dealers and also by explaining to them to advertise the IQ Test directly, not the dealer system, because their dealer system advertising does not bring you any profit.


What can I do to improve my advertising?

You can adopt the following steps to improve your advertising:

  1. Increase the percentage of the conversion ratio as much as possible (Maximize your profit).
  2. Place the advertising link in the most visible place of your web site.
  3. Increase the visit rate of your site where the advertising link is placed.
  4. Extend advertising by searching dealers but in a way so that the advertising ways do not limit each other (inform the dealers of your advertising experience as much as possible).
  5. Think of other visible places the advertising link can be placed (even outside your web site) and place it – take advantage of different ways of advertising.

What can I advertise?

You can advertise either the IQ Test project or the dealer system. By advertising the IQ Test project you can address anybody and earn more money in a short period of time. By advertising the dealer system you can address only people who will be able to advertise the IQ Test project and, therefore, you will earn more money in a longer period of time and will be able to finish your advertising completely in the future and still earn money.

These two forms of advertising can be carried out at the same time, but be careful, they must not limit each other.


What do the reference commissions mean?

You are able to address people who would like to participate in the IQ Test project advertising (dealers) via your dealer’s URL. You will get reference commissions for every payer who will come via the dealer’s link who joined the system on the basis of your advertising. The amount of the reference commission is stated under the link Overall survey.


How can my commissions be paid to me?

First, it is necessary to complete all your data, which is related to you, truly, in the form under the link Your data. I recommend you have the money paid on the basis of the Space Contract as one signed contract lasts for all your co-operation period and there are no delays caused by the period until your invoice gets from you to us and invoices must be issued for every payment separately. Then you can choose the method of payment. I would recommend an account at MoneyBookers where it is very easy to open an account, in case you do not have one there. This method of payment is advantageous with respect to its speed and, mainly, it is the cheapest way.

Steps for payments on the basis of the contract:

  1. Complete your data in the form under the link Your data.
  2. Choose "Dealer Contract" as the method of co-operation.
  3. Print the contract out under the link Payments, complete the place and day of signature and send it, signed, to the address stated in the contract.
  4. As soon as we register the contract, which depends mainly on how fast the post will deliver it, we will release the button "Ask for payment" under the link Payments, on which you can click anytime when your amount exceeds the minimum sum for payment and, within one week after clicking on it, your saved money will be transferred – choose the method of payment before clicking (I recommend payment via MoneyBookers).

Steps for payments on the basis of invoices:

  1. Complete your data in the form under the link Your data.
  2. Choose "Dealer’s shares invoicing" as the method of co-operation.
  3. Choose the method of payment (I recommend payment via MoneyBookers).
  4. Anytime when you exceed the minimum sum for payment, click on the button "Ask for payment" and a record on payment will be created in the payment survey with a button “PRINT”. By clicking on it, your invoice will be printed out, you will sign and stamp it and send it to the address stated in the invoice.
  5. Within one week after we register your invoice, which depends mainly on how fast the post will deliver it, we will send you your saved money.

How will you send me the money?

The way you want to receive the money is up to you. The best way is to receive money via MoneyBookers on the basis of the space contract. It is the cheapest and the fastest way.


When can I expect the money?

It depends only on the method you choose for payments and on what basis the money will be paid. If you decide to receive money via MoneyBookers, on the basis of the space contract, you will certainly get the money within one week after you click on the button “Ask for payment”. It cannot be faster and cheaper!


In what currency will I get the money?

You will always get the money in the currency of the country where you advertise. There can be one exception, in case you advertise in multiple countries at the same time. In this case, please contact us by e-mail:


What method of receiving the money would you recommend?

Absolutely the best way of receiving money is via a MoneyBookers account, on the basis of the contract. This way is the cheapest and the fastest one.


What is the minimum amount for payment?

The minimum amount for payment is 200 EUR.


When and how can I finish the co-operation?

Co-operation can be finished anytime you decide. If you do not have a contract with us, you can finish the co-operation without informing us about it. If you have a contract with us, the co-operation must be finished in written form.


Will I lose the saved commissions if I decide to finish the co-operation?

If you have at least the minimum amount for payment saved, you can have it paid after the co-operation finishes, of course.