Terms for using the online-iq-tests.com

These business terms regulate the relation between the online-iq-tests.com (and local iq-test domains) Administrator and the online-iq-tests.com (and local iq-test domains) User.

1. Specification of the online-iq-tests.com project and basic definitions

HellSpy SE, Praha 5, Lidicka, 150 00, ID: 28504631, (hereinafter only "the Administrator"), administers the online-iq-tests.com internet project (hereinafter only "the IQeu"), where the visitors (hereinafter only "the Users") can find out their IQ and the IQ of their country.

Basic definitions:

IQ = Intelligence quotient (quotient = ratio, share) is an intelligence index, with a normal distribution with the average 100, and the standard deviation 15

Test = a combination of an assignment and possible types of answers, where the best correct logical solution is just one. The tests can evaluate different IQ types (natural intelligence, numeric intelligence, 3D, etc.) and are merged in one IQ value, the more precise the more tests the User filled in.

Terms of using the online-iq-tests.com services (hereinafter only "PIQeu") = terms defining the rights and duties of the subjects participating in IQeu (Administrator and Users). The updated version of PIQeu is on the URL online-iq-tests.com. The Administrator reserves the right to change PIQeu, and the change is effective as of the day of its publishing on the above website.

Administrator = a subject which takes care of trouble free operation of the server and applications necessary for providing the IQeu

User = visitor filling out a test, or somebody registering in the system

2. Rights and duties of the participating subjects


  • Has the right to contact the User at any time, in any way regarding any matter
  • Has the right to agree individual terms with other subject participating in IQeu
  • Has the right to suspend any User without giving any reason


  • Has the right to contact the IQeu Administrator
  • Has the right to announce termination of operating in IQeu without giving any reason
  • Is obliged to abide the valid PIQeu terms
  • After payment, the user has a right to find out the test result, and in case the result has been denied, he has the right to contact the Administrator and require remedy, but he is not entitled to require a remuneration
  • By providing the personal data, the user gives to the Administrator his/her permission to enter his/her personal data in database and to use it for the contact with the User. The Administrator ensures that the personal data will not be provided to any Third Party, and will be taken out from the database on request. The User agrees with this statement by the registration or by filling out a test.

3. Participation of the individual subjects in IQeu


  • Participates in IQeu from the beginning until the termination or until passing the IQeu on another subject
  • Controls abiding PIQeu and deduces consequences from the eventual failing


  • Starts the participation in IQeu by filling out the test or by the registration
  • Can sign for receiving the information at any time by entering his/her email during the registration
  • Can terminate at anytime his/her participation in IQeu

4. Responsibility of the individual subjects

The subjects participating in IQeu are responsible only for the matters which they can influence with their actions.


  • Is responsible for abiding PIQeu
  • Is not responsible for the User's ability to pay


  • Is responsible for abiding PIQeu

5. Payment systems

The payment systems are provided by the Administrator. The payment systems and the price for the results are determined by the location chosen by the User after filling out the Test. In case the User chooses a different location than where is he located at the moment, he will more than likely not be able to have the access to the results at all.

online-iq-tests.com: 7 USD

6. Personal data protection, copyrights

During the participation in IQeu projects can be exchanged personal data (name, address, phone number, e-mail, Identification no. (IÈO) etc.). This personal data are confidential and only the subjects involved in such exchange have the access to them. Both parties pledge no to provide the personal data to a Third Party in any form (printed, electronic, etc. ), besides various statistic overviews which can not be related to any specific person. Also, the IQeu Administrator reserves the right to perform analysis of behaviour of other subjects involved in IQeu and eventually provide them to a Third Party, exclusively only in a form of statistical data which can not be related to any specific person.

7. Support

Business matters contact:

Email: E-mail

Technical matters contact:

Email: E-mail

The IQeu Administrator will upon a written application of a specific subject perform all the financially reasonable actions to remove all the personal data of the pertinent subject.

Hellspy SE, 11/11/2009.